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W. Kevin Watterson, MD

Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

I consider the practice of medicine a privilege and a calling. I grew up in a medical home. My father was an internist in a small town. He was a man of commitment, compassion and sacrifice. As a result, I pursued a career in biomedical engineering. However, Providence would not suffer this alteration of call and I entered VCU medical school in 1989 and, after graduation, continued my training in Internal Medicine (Adult Medicine) and Pediatrics.

Initially, I pursued the practice of Emergency Medicine. Assuring my wife this was only temporary, I was with the HCA health system in metro Richmond for 10 years prior to starting Rockwell Physicians in 2007 in response to seeing much in the emergency room that would be better addressed (or prevented) in the primary care setting. The goal was to create a comfortable, friendly neighborhood feel. I have been able to care for multigenerational families from newborns to grandparents (and even great grandparents). This has been the most fulfilling aspect of my work.

I am married to an amazing woman and have four, essentially grown, kids. Our journey together has included home schooling all four of the children through high school and watching them succeed in college, careers and marriage; staying active in the local church and some short-term mission work.

When I am not pursuing medicine, I struggle to make sense of the business of medicine, enjoy my family, reading (especially Christian apologetics) and being amazed with life.