Dr. Watterson

A Letter To My Patients

I have so enjoyed the privilege of having developed meaningful relationships with each of you over the past several years. This is the most fulfilling aspect of my vocation, and I am excited to introduce to you a transformative new model for my practice. Read on…

~ Dr. Kevin Watterson                                                       Board Certified Pediatrics & Internal Medicine

We are excited to announce:


All patients have the opportunity to join Rockwell Direct on a first come basis.

We’re here for you like we’ve always been.

Rockwell Physicians remains committed to caring for you and your family. Patients who prefer the traditional primary care model will remain under the exceptional care of our Nurse Practitioners Jordan Bailey, Lani Roach and Emily Love. 


For children and adults who want to continue as a patient of Dr. Watterson, we urge you to sign upcall us, or attend one of his information sessions to learn more about this exciting change.