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To My Patients,

I have so enjoyed the privilege of having developed meaningful relationships with each of you and your children over the past several years. This is the most fulfilling aspect of my vocation, and I am excited to introduce to you a transformative new model for my practice. This model, Rockwell Direct, augments traditional primary care with personalized, holistic wellness guidance. My patients will experience extended, unhurried visits and direct communication with me to uncover the root causes of issues and create a plan for optimal well-being.

So, to answer your questions…

What sparks this change?

Incessant demands from insurers create an adversarial relationship between the insurer and the physician, with the patient in the middle. These demands divert my time and effort away from caring for you, resulting in a loss of time for relationship, and frankly, a loss of joy for me in the practice of medicine.

My vision has always been high quality, personalized care for you and your family. The healthcare landscape continues to move toward a model which increasingly benefits health systems and insurers — not patients. I desire to direct my focus and attention toward you.

What are we doing about it for you?

Rockwell Direct focuses on your/your child‘s goals for better health and well-being, incorporating nutrition, fitness and exercise, management of seasons-of-life expectations and mental wellness, as well as stress and chronic disease management. Studies have shown that programs like Rockwell Direct result in fewer hospitalizations and urgent care visits, fewer specialist referrals, and fewer overall medications. You also may achieve a greater sense of personal control with respect to your health and wellbeing.

To provide this level of personalized and comprehensive primary / pediatric care, I will need to adjust my practice to see a limited number of patients. A membership fee will cover an annual extended health preventative and maintenance exam, along with additional services not covered by insurance.

This model eliminates the rush of an overbooked schedule, allowing me to understand your history, concerns, and goals for the future. In addition, you will be able to reach me directly via cell phone, text, email, and video, allowing greater connection with me.

Please read the important benefits and details below and learn how to continue as my patient.

I know that you and your family members deserve my best effort and I want to be free to take care of you to the best of my ability. Making this program available enhances connection with you, and I look forward to you joining me in this exciting new venture.

My schedule is reserved only for those who have elected to join me at Rockwell Direct. I understand that some people will choose not to join, and our practice will continue to provide traditional primary care with our nurse practitioners Jordan Bailey and Lani Roach. I remain available and committed to overseeing their excellent care of you.

I ask you to consider carefully how you/your children will benefit from this program. I especially want those with high deductible plans, those participating with medical cost sharing plans, and cash payors to ask how Rockwell Direct can benefit you.

Rockwell Direct Benefits:

  • You will see me. Each visit. Every time.
  • Direct availability to me via cell, text, email, and video visits throughout the year — for your peace of mind and possibly eliminating the need for an appointment altogether.
  • Extended, unhurried office visits so that all your questions can be addressed and to allow us time to explore more deeply the root cause of issues and create a plan for optimal health.
  • Same-day or next-day appointments for your convenience.
  • Brief or no office wait, so you can get on with your day as soon as possible.
  • An annual comprehensive health evaluation visit, with a customized plan to improve your quality of physical and mental health. There will be close monitoring of this plan throughout the year with necessary adjustments.
  • Together, we will focus on your/your child’s goals for better health and well-being incorporating nutrition, fitness and exercise, season of life expectations and management, mental wellness, stress management, and strategies to minimize the negative effects of chronic disease on your goals.
  • Away-from-home College Program | New Baby Program | Home Visit Program
  • Reduced likelihood of emergency or urgent care visits, and hospitalization.

Here’s how it works.

All patients (adults and children) have the opportunity to join Rockwell Direct on a first-come basis. I encourage those of you who wish to continue as my patient to join Rockwell Direct as soon as possible and benefit from our early-bird Founders Pricing. Once I meet capacity, a waiting list will be started.

How to continue as my patient.

Since a significant number of patients are expected to show interest in this opportunity, we encourage you to ensure your place now.

There are two simple ways to join Rockwell Direct.

We are always happy to talk with you in the office or by phone at (804) 451-1233.

It is a privilege to be your physician and to care for you and your family, and I look forward to building upon our relationship.

With Warm Regards,

W. Kevin Watterson, MD

Internal Medicine & Pediatrics