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Comprehensive care for children and adults…

and so much more!

Growing Families

New Baby Program

Well visits always with me, your doctor

Discuss urgent concerns nights and weekends 

Easy to reach me for questions between visits

Save time, hassle, and expense of ER or urgent care

College Students

Easily contact me by cell, text, email or video

Direct communication with student health clinic

Eliminates resistance & inconvenience

of going to health clinic

Coordinated care while away from home

Trusted doctor who knows you well

Young Professionals

Avoid taking time off with virtual visits

Immediate attention – not delaying medical care

Brief or no office wait, so you can get on with your day

Save time, hassle, and expense of ER or urgent care

Keep your PCP even if insurance changes


Trusted doctor who knows you well

Convenience and peace of mind

Emphasis on lifestyle changes + prevention

Less chance of needing ER, urgent care, or hospital care

Coordinated care, tests, appointments


More time to address multiple concerns + complex issues

Help navigating the complex health system

Less chance of needing ER, urgent care, or hospital care

Streamline and minimize medication use

Home visits as appropriate

Rockwell Direct logo

Everyone Benefits From

  • Being heard, understood, and cared for.
  • Always your own doctor. Every visit. Every call. Every time.
  • Convenience, peace of mind, and flexibility with appointments.
  • Emphasis on lifestyle changes and prevention.
  • Decreased use of medications, urgent care, and the hospital.


I have Medicare / Insurance

We are a participating provider with Medicare and in-network with many health plans. We will bill for covered services such as office visits.

I have high deductibles, no insurance, or use a medical cost-sharing plan

Ask us how our membership model may be a great fit for you.

Membership is not an insurance plan, so it is advisable to maintain your health insurance coverage.

Rockwell Direct Services

In addition to our broad range of services for children and adults, as a member of Rockwell Direct, you will receive even more comprehensive, personalized care:

  • Personalized Annual Comprehensive Examination Program:  The Practice will provide a comprehensive annual diagnostic physical examination that will focus on your goals for better health and well being by incorporating education and support, through ongoing personal health coaching, appropriate advanced laboratory testing, and other health empowering services, not covered by insurance. 
  • New Baby Program:
    • You have the option to have your child seen in the comfort and convenience of your own home.
    • Well-checks and sick visits (as appropriate) during the first 3 months.
    • The first visit is within 24-72 hours of bringing your baby home.
    • We will also address areas such as breast feeding, sleeping patterns, child-proofing your home, sibling concerns, and post-partum depression.
    • First vaccines will be provided in the office.
  • Away-from-home College Program:
    • Easy communication with Dr. Watterson over secure text, cell, email or video.
    • Trusted doctor who knows you well.
    • Coordinated care and consistency while away from home.
    • Available for consults with the student health clinic.
    • Possibly avoid a health clinic visit altogether.

All patients have the opportunity to join Rockwell Direct on a first come basis.