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Pediatrics at Rockwell

At Rockwell Physicians and Rockwell Direct, we offer a special place for children and families to have all of their physical and mental health and wellness needs met from birth through college — all under one roof.


We believe that quality patient care begins at infancy. From newborn exams during the first days of life, to preparing for the first days at school, to all the needs that come with an active childhood, Rockwell is committed to providing primary and urgent care for your children.

  • Growth evaluations
  • Newborn and well-baby care
  • New Baby Program (Rockwell Direct only)
  • Well child checks
  • ADD Evaluation
  • Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy
  • Developmental Evaluations


The teen years represent rapid growth and change from
a child to an adult. Rockwell is here to help care for the health of your child during this period of life as they continue towards maturity.

College age

During the college years, students can enjoy the benefits of our Away-from-home College Program, included in membership with Dr. Watterson’s practice, Rockwell Direct.